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Fully Customisable Gaming PC’s

Our specialist service.  Custom-built PC’s are at the heart of everything we do.  Whether it’s a simple spec PC for day-to-day working at home or at the office or a fully kitted out gaming rig, filled with RGB and high-performance parts for streaming or playing the latest games with the best graphics.  Whatever you need we’ve got it covered.   Full payment is required up-front for this service.  Thunder Computer Repairs work with the following guidelines;


All Work Fully Quoted In Advance

Your custom build will be fully quoted before any work is carried out so you know exactly what you’re getting and for what price.


RGB... Everything

Is a gaming PC really a gaming PC if it doesn’t have at least some flashing lights somewhere?  Inside or outside we can install the latest in RGB technology to make sure you look the part.


Unique PC Just For You

No two builds are the same when it comes to custom-built computers.  Working exactly to your specifications we can assure you that your finished product will be one of a kind.


Play All The Latest Games

A premium service demands premium parts.  It’s why we only use the best names in the business when building PC’s.  AMD, Intel, MSI, Nvidia, Radeon, Corsair, plus many more.  With a premium PC from us you can be confident you’ll get the most FPS and highest graphical settings on any game you want to play!

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